SEAM at BSU is a great way for education major students to come together and prepare themselves not only for their student teaching portion of their undergrad career, but for the field as well. Through MTEL prep, community service, and professional development workshops, it’s great to see our members come together and thrive.  –Ashley Mastrorilli (President 2014-2016)

SEAM has been very beneficial to me because it has given me the opportunity to become involved on campus. SEAM is also a great place to interact with other education majors. I have met a lot of great people through this organization. I have also learned a lot to help me through my years here at Bridgewater! – Kathryn Bolduc

My only regret with SEAM is that I did not get involved sooner.  The skills, experiences, and knowledge offered through this organization are invaluable to my preparation in becoming a teacher. –Kelly Driscoll