Are you transferring from:

  • a Community College to a University?
  • a Community College to another Community College?
  • a University to another University?

There are a few things you should keep in mind if you would like to continue being involved with/step-up your involvement with SEAM as much as you were on your previous campus.

1. Does my new campus have a SEAM chapter?

You may be transferring to an institution without a SEAM chapter. If this happens, don’t worry! You can still renew your SEAM membership here:, and still take advantage of all the wonderful professional development opportunities throughout the academic year. If you are close to your old school, you are still able to attend their SEAM meetings. Check out our ‘Chapters’ dropdown menu on the homepage to see which campuses are active. Links to social media make it easy to message their E-Boards and hear back in a timely fashion. Another opportunity you have is to create a SEAM chapter on your new campus–it’s a great resume item! All you need is a faculty or staff member to serve as your Chapter Advisor and 3-4 classmates to serve in Executive Board positions (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer). You can even create positions like Public Relations, Historian, and individual program representatives (ex. Elementary Ed Rep., Early Childhood Rep., Secondary Ed. Rep., Special Education Rep.). From there, you would  request model Constitution and By-Laws documents from our State Student Organizer and edit them to fit your campus chapter needs. For more information on starting a SEAM chapter on your campus, please contact State Student Organizer, Robert Whalen, at .

2. How will my schedule differ from last year?

If you are going to be busier than last year and still want to be part of you campus’s chapter, ask your E-Board for small jobs like speaking in your ED classes, hanging posters during days/times you are on campus, or even offering to make a flyer or two. If you are going to have more free time, consider running for a Representative role, such as Freshman Rep., Sophomore Rep., Junior Rep., Senior Rep., etc. You can also volunteer to be part of chapter events like Bake Sales, take photos for events and meetings, speak in ED classes, etc.

3. What if I can’t find anyone to help me start a new SEAM chapter?

You are still welcome at your previous campus SEAM meetings. You can also attend other SEAM meetings on nearby campuses if you moved to another part of the state where there is not a SEAM chapter on your new campus. Check the homepage ‘Chapters’ dropdown menu for a complete listing of active chapters. Networking with other chapters may help you establish one on your new campus!