Did you know that you are (potentially) still eligible for SEAM membership as a Graduate Student? Before you complete your registration, you must check the box that says: “I certify that I am eligible for NEA Student membership according to NEA bylaw 2-1c”.


What is NEA bylaw 2-1c, exactly?

It’s clickable on the page, but we wanted to put it here as well:

Student membership shall be open to any student (i) who is enrolled in a postsecondary program that is preparatory for employment in a position that would make him or her eligible for Active membership or (ii) who is serving as chairperson of the NEA Advisory Committee of Student Members. A student who is eligible for Association membership in both the Student and Active membership categories may, with the approval of the Executive Committee, join the Association as a Student member. Student members shall be eligible to be voting delegates at the Representative Assembly. Student members shall maintain membership in the state affiliate provided the affiliate has a membership category for student members.

  • Contact Evette Brown (EvetteBrown@nea.org) before completing your membership enrollment to verify qualification as a student member if you fall into one of the following categories:
  • (1) A former teacher in a public school who has gone back to college
  • (2) Working in a public school and attending college at the same time

*Regarding situation 2–those of you embarking on your first year(s) of teaching and are also enrolled in a Master’s Program should definitely contact Evette for eligibility status. You can also check out the MTA New Member Committee http://www.massteacher.org/about_mta/who_we_are/new_members.aspx .

In Massachusetts, Undergraduates majoring in education must obtain a Master’s degree within five years of their Undergrad graduation date. For SEAM, this means we will have an increasing number of members that are Graduate students in the next few years. There is no difference in membership between Undergraduate and Graduate students. You will still have access to FREE Professional Development Conferences/Workshops, MTA Benefits, Networking opportunities, MTEL Prep, and Leadership trainings.

Register today: https://ims.nea.org/HowToJoin/stateStudent.do?mbrType=STUDENT&sea=ma