Administrators from Everett High School helping to kick-off the LEGACY Project

On the third day of the NEA-SP Leadership Conference, all members took part in the third annual LEGACY Project LEGACY stands for “Leaders Empowering Grassroots Advocacy for Communities and Youth”. NEA-SP Chair Ashley Muscarella collaborated with Ashley Mastrorilli (SEAM Co-Chair), Robert Whalen (Massachusetts State Student Organizer), and Everett MTA local President Kim Auger in order to plan the day for the community’s students. Impact stations were designed to engage local K-6 students in literacy, sustainability, athleticism, and STEM. K-6 students were bussed in from various summer programs.

Speakers included Vice Principal Barrett of Everett High School welcoming the NEA-SP members and speaking about the importance of a strong school system and community. NEA President Lily Eskelson Garcia also spoke about how important it is for us as future educators to come together and support your students, communities, and public schools.


Here is the complete list of Impacts offered at this year’s LEGACY Project:

  • Zumba
  • Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course
  • My Shiny Teeth and Me: DK Dental PC
  • Optical Academy: Eyeglasses for Everyone!
  • Everett Fire Department: Touch-A-Truck and Fire Safety
  • Everett Police Department: Safety in the Classroom and Community
  • Everett Public Library (Summer Reading Program and Library Card Sign-Up)
  • Transportation & Road Safety with the Joint Committee for Children’s Health in Everett
  • Bully Free: It Starts With Me
  • My Balanced Food Plate
  • Water Sustainability – Massachusetts Water Resource Authority Resources
  • Balloon Cars
  • It Makes Cents
  • The Lorax – Recycling
  • Fourth of July History Lesson & Create Your Own Holiday
  • Where in the World are we Vacationing?
  • Letters to Troops
  • The Dot: Make Your Mark
  • STEMtastic: Sink or Float Challenge
  • Shapetacular (age <8)
  • WIC

Students were able to sign up for library cards/the summer reading program, learn about safety in the community/classroom, get their eyes checked, learn about healthy eating, dance with LEGACY Buddy Leaders at the Zumba station, make crafts out of geometric paper shapes, color, learn about geography/climate, and understand why it is important to recycle…and much more!

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