Over the past academic year, our members have worked continuously to expand membership across all Educator Prep Programs. A few years ago, Elementary Education majors were the bulk of our membership. Now, we have SEAM members that represent Special Education, Early Childhood Education, Secondary Education, Speech Pathology, and even Foreign Language Educator programs! Since our organization has been adopted onto several campuses across the state, the topic ideas for professional development workshops have been pouring in. Do you have a favorite workshop from one of the MTA or SEAM conferences? It is most likely on this list!

For the 2017-2018 Academic Year, there are currently 50 workshops that the Massachusetts Teachers Association (MTA) can bring to your campus just for your SEAM chapter (and anyone else you invite!).

New and improved workshop topics include:

  • Inclusion Strategies for New Teachers
  • How to Effectively Organize and Utilize Reader’s and Math Notebooks in Elementary and Middle School
  • Making it Work: Building Positive Relationships and Differentiating at a Diverse High School
  • Understanding Students with Trauma
  • Creating supportive and effective classroom communities for students with challenging behaviors
  • Educator Licensure
  • Parent and Family Engagement
  • ELLs and Cultural Awareness in My Classroom

For a complete list of traveling PD for your SEAM chapter, please e-mail State Student Organizer, Bob Whalen at rwhalen@massteacher..org or Co-Chair, Ashley Mastrorilli at amastrorilli@massteacher.org