*Article by Allison Gallagher, Bridgewater State University SEAM*

Why it is important to become involved in SEAM as an underclassman?

SEAM provides exceptional, invaluable opportunities for future educators like attending professional development conferences FOR FREE, MTEL prep opportunities, resume writing/portfolio building workshops, and mock interviews–and that’s something you won’t get in most of your ED classes. SEAM brings you beyond the textbook in so many ways.

During Orientation I repeatedly heard the Orientation Leaders saying “Get involved, Get involved!” and that seemed so intimidating and honestly a little (okay, maybe a lot) scary. However, looking back now, I can’t imagine my life without SEAM. Walking into the first meeting and only knowing one person was nerve-wracking enough, but after learning about SEAM and how much they would be able to assist me in honing my skills as an aspiring educator before I even took my first MTEL, I was calm and had confidence in joining this organization.

As underclassmen, it is overwhelming to be an Education Major in general. Not only do we have to take more classes than everyone else right out of the gate, we also have to plan our schedules a couple semesters ahead in order to accommodate observation hours, finish our second major (and any other academic obligation like an Honor’s Thesis), and plan appropriate times to take the MTELs before the program’s deadline…and juggle work, too! However, underclassmen members of SEAM experience great opportunities which further their knowledge and involvement in the world of education. But most importantly, we can all relate to each other. The only people who understand the degree of chaos we are constantly in are our fellow Education Majors–and they’re here to support you at any stage, every step of the way.

So…incoming Freshmen and Underclassmen…joining SEAM as an underclassmen gives you the opportunity to:

Network and engage with current and past educators and with other education students across the state (and potential New England Region and the Nation). Many opportunities to expand professionally come out of networking.

Be a part of a national Pre-Service professional organization. SEAM operates under the National Education Association and has 55,000 student members across the nation. Countless opportunities to improve your skills even before getting your degree.

You are the future of Education. You want to be the best for your students, right? Start now by engaging in professional development and leadership opportunities through SEAM that will help you be the best you can be.

Your resume will benefit from your participation in SEAM. It displays your commitment to being an educator and advertises your strong leadership skills and capabilities. It will set your resume apart from other candidates.

Receive tools and resources for your future job as an educator. Professional development workshops and conferences provide loads of valuable information, which you will need!

You will get all the NEA/MTA Benefits of a Teacher, too. Who doesn’t like a discount? Discounts on car/renters/homeowner’s insurance, credit cards, wireless services, magazines, travel, Barnes and Noble, and more through a program called MTA Benefits. Additionally, Educator Employment Liability insurance is also offered.

Knowledge and Participation in Community Outreach, Teacher Quality and Political Action. Experience in these three important aspects early on will give you a head start on paying attention and incorporating these to help you succeed.


*See the dropdown menu on the homepage for a complete list of campuses where there are SEAM chapters. Don’t see your campus and want to start a SEAM chapter? Contact State Student Organizer Bob Whalen at rwhalen@massteacher.org for more information!*