If you have never taken the Multi Subject MTEL or have and not passed, here are some great study resources for you. You can even save some money (retail price of these books is $22 each) through your MTA discount with the Barnes and Noble Educator card–20% off your entire purchase! To sign up for the card, visit your local Barnes and Noble location and fill out the quick application. Make sure you have your MTA ID card and/or your ID card for the school you work in.

What Your Fourth Grader Needs to Know:


What Your Fifth Grader Needs to Know:


What Your Sixth Grader Needs to Know:



If you’re looking for free resources:

Quizlet Flashcards: https://quizlet.com/20078542/mtel-general-curriculum-multi-subject-flash-cards/

Lesley University’s MTEL help page: http://www.lesley.edu/education/certification/mtel/study-tips/general-curriculum/

Wheelock’s MTEL help page: http://www.wheelock.edu/academics/educator-licensure-and-mtels/teacher-licensure/mtel/mtel-study-resources/general-curriculum-multi-subject

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=mtel+general+curriculum+multi+subject


Happy studying and good luck on your MTEL!

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