It’s Friday night. Your heart is racing because you know in about five minutes, you’re going to open that “” email with the “MTEL Score Report” subject line. As you open the email, the PDF is downloading and you suddenly feel like you can’t breathe. DOWNLOADED. *click* You see “Minimum Qualifying Score: 240 Your Score*: 2whocaresbecauseIdidn’tpassAGAIN”. While we all want to see the “Your Score*- – -“  indicating a pass and a world of stresses blown from your life, this is a situation many of us know all too well. I just took the General Curriculum Math Subtest for the fourth time. After countless prep courses and literally dozens of hours of studying my heart out, I am forced to book another test date. This time, however, I really need to pass, or I can’t return to school in the Fall to begin my Practicum. It’s okay, though, because I know I’m not the only one in this situation.

I want all of you to know that there is hope and there are resources for you if you’re in this situation. And just like every MTEL Prep Course offered on your respective campuses, there is the disclaimer that you aren’t guaranteed a passing score just by having access to these resources. BUT! They are helpful and they can help to boost your score on your next attempt.

Here are some great resources:

Communication and Literacy–Reading and Writing Subtests: These measure your own ability to read and write, as well as reading comprehension and grammar. Here is a great study guide–



Foundations of Reading:

  2. See below


General Curriculum–Multi Subject and Math Subtests:



These are great resources, and please do not feel alone if you are consistently not reaching a passing score. Yes, there are those lucky people that pass the first time for all of them. For the majority of us, however, that isn’t the case. Talk to your Professors, schedule a meeting with your Dean, and reach out to friends and family if you find yourself in a sticky situation. The important thing to remember is you will make it. Don’t give up.