The following is taken from the Summary page from the Safe School Summit site:

“MTA is partnering with the office of Bristol County District Attorney Thomas M. Quinn III to offer a day of continuing education.

Target Audience: Teachers, education support professionals, principals, school adjustment counselors, school resource and law enforcement officers, school nurses, superintendents, deans and community partners.

This event is open to all.

MTA/NEA Safe Schools Summits bring together educators, elected officials, law enforcement and judicial personnel, social and health services providers, parents and community members to discuss and develop strategies that ensure safe, healthy school climates conducive to learning and teaching.

In partnership with Massachusetts district attorneys, the summits provide opportunities for collaboration as well as give educators the skills, tools and information to improve school environments.

The MTA supports and promotes Safe Schools Summits in Massachusetts with assistance from a three-year NEA Great Public Schools grant.”

Source: (click here to register).

This is a great opportunity for SEAM members to attend–as the issues covered will explore topics that go beyond the textbooks and into current classrooms. We invite you to browse the site/discover the speakers and topics, and hope to see you there. Any questions/comments/concerns please contact

Co-Chair Ashley at


State Student Organizer Bob at