Thinking about joining SEAM or trying to encourage your friends to join as well? Here are 10 great reasons to join SEAM.                                    

  1. Core Values: Community Outreach, Teacher Quality, and Political Action are three extremely important aspects of the teaching profession that will be relevant throughout your teaching career. Getting experience with these aspects as an undergraduate through your involvement with SEAM will help you succeed later.
  2. We are students on college campuses studying to be educators: With over 55,000 members across all 50 states, the National Education Association’s Student Program (NEA-SP) is the largest Pre-Service Professional organization for educators in America. Members are able to get involved locally, state-wide, regionally, and nationally.
  3. Networking: SEAM members will engage with current and past educators (active, retired, Education Support Professionals) throughout their time in the program. This is beneficial because it allows for opportunities to expand professionally in settings such as mock interviews and professional development workshops.
  4. Your Resume: Having the Student Education Association of Massachusetts listed on your resume not only shows your commitment to being an educator, but advertises your strong leadership skills and capabilities.
  5. We have seven Nationally elected and two appointed leaders: The NEA-SP has a voice. Education is a highly political field, and it is important for our members to be up-to-date with current events surrounding education. The issues of today will affect the classrooms that SEAM members will be in soon.
  6. We are the future of education: Pre-Service Educators are the most important members—we are the future of the profession. As a SEAM member, you will be provided with opportunities to engage in Professional Development and leadership trainings.
  7. Tools and Resources for Your Future: With several opportunities to attend Professional Development throughout the Academic Year, SEAM members have the opportunity to boost their resumes and earn Professional Development Points (PDPs) before their first interview.
  8. Dues Reimbursement: During your first year of teaching, NEA will reimburse you your dues for each year you were a registered NEA-SP member. It literally pays to be a member!
  9. The Jack Kinnaman Scholarship: Sponsored by the NEA-Retired, the Jack Kinnaman Memorial Scholarship offsets the tuition of an NEA-SP member. It was created in memory of an education advocate and longtime NEA member, Jack Kinnaman. He is most fondly remembered as NEA’s Cat in the Hat. Jack cared about the students, especially those who were financially impacted and needed a helping hand. It is his family’s wish that the scholarship go to such a student. Applications become available during the Spring semester and are due April 15th of each year.
  10. NEA/MTA Benefits: Due to your NEA-SP membership, you are automatically a Massachusetts Teachers Association Member with access to a program called MTA Benefits. This program offers discounts on car/renters/homeowners insurance, credit cards, wireless services, magazines, travel, and more! One of the most used discounts as a Student Member is 10% off at Barnes & Noble—a great way to build your future classroom library! A benefit through the NEA you will receive for free is Educator Employment Liability (EEL) Insurance, which provides SEAM members $1,000,000 of liability insurance coverage, per incident (up to $3 million in legal defense costs per occurrence) for incidents that may occur while fulfilling the requirements of their education program in the classroom.